A STORYTELLING webinar built for you!

Communicate with impact in your career or business with my storytelling fundamentals

I created this webinar to help you begin to craft your unique career or business story right away. Whether you're on the job hunt or looking to make a bigger impact where you are (aka land that promotion or client). It’s ALL ABOUT the key elements of storytelling for meaningful connection as your grow your career and business. Gain clarity and and tools to express your unique story.

Learn the exact tools and approaches I've used and honed over a long career of storytelling as a writer, journalist, and brand marketing consultant. You will walk away with a step-by-step approach for crafting clear, compelling narratives through your resume and in interviews (and any other medium). I want to help you powerfully tell your unique, beautiful story and evolve your career or business in the process.

Investment: $25 I charge a small fee so that you make the choice to invest in yourself by joining. I promise you'll get more than the cost in value for your career (and life!)

Live Webinar

June 22, 2023
12:00pm Eastern Time


  • The anatomy of a story breakdown & exercises to help you craft your unique story
  • Guide to establish your story foundations
  • Crafting your 30 second pitch
  • 20 minute AMA (ask me anything) with Chantaie, your teacher and storytelling and communications expert
  • Career and business clarity: begin to uncover the right role/path for you
  • Learn how to communicate with impact and share your unique career story
  • Early access to my Storytelling Coaching Program a one-week bootcamp that helps accelerate your storytelling impact (& additional bonuses)

Taught by storytelling and brand marketing consultant, Chantaie Allick

Based in Toronto, Canada, I am a writer, award winning journalist, and business consultant. With over a decade of strategic marketing experience, I am a communicator and storyteller at my core. Words, stories, and ideas ignite me.

I am what people describe as multi-passionate and my career so far reflects that.

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What brings it all together is my desire to write words, build brands and tell untold stories.I also write a weekly storytelling newsletter, Adventures in Storytelling, that helps, marketers, business owners and Creative Independents craft their unique stories.


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